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Malte Herwig


Malte Herwig is a Journalist, Podcaster, and Historian. He is the author of numerous books, including the Spiegel bestseller The Woman who Says No (German, English), the biography of Peter Hanke, the 2019 Nobel Laureat in Literature, Meister der Dämmerung, and Der grosse Kalanag. In addition to his books, he has worked as a reporter for the German magazines stern, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Der Spiegel. He has written for various U.S. and British publications, including The New York Times, The Guardian, and The Observer.

Malte Herwig is the host und author of the award-winning podcast "Faking Hitler" (stern) and the limited series True Crime podcast "Jack. Gier frisst Schönheiten" (NDR). His latest book Austrian Psycho (2024), based on this podcast, is available from Austrian publisher Molden (in German).

Transparency Statement

Malte Herwig is a member of the Supervisory Board of Zertus GmbH in Hamburg. As a journalist, he does not report on food issues during his Supervisory Board tenure.

Active memberships: Übersee-Club Hamburg, Anglo-German Club Hamburg.
Former memberships include Think Tank 30 of the Club of Rome and the Young Königswinter Conference of the Anglo-German Society.

As a columnist for the German Journalists' Association's magazine Journalist/in, he recommends his personal technology favourites every month. The devices are usually made available to him free of charge for testing purposes.

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Author Photo: Christina Körte, Molden Verlag

Publications (in German) 
Austrian Psycho (Molden 2024), Françoise Gilot Die Frau, die Nein sagt. Ihr Leben mit und ohne Picasso (Diogenes, 2021)Der Grosse Kalanag. Wie Hitlers Zauberer die Vergangenheit verschwinden lieẞ und die Welt eroberte (Penguin, 2021), Meister der Dämmerung. Peter Handke. Eine Biographie (Pantheon, 2012, 2020), Die Flakhelfer. Eine gebrochene Generation (Pantheon, 2013)

Book Cover Images

Austrian Psycho

Die Frau, die Nein sagt. Ihr Leben mit und ohne Picasso

Der Grosse Kalanag

Meister der Dämmerung. Peter Handke. Eine Biographie.

Die Flakhelfer. Eine gebrochene Generation

In Translation

EN: The Woman Who Says No: Françoise Gilot on Her Life With and Without Picasso (Greystone Books, 2020)

EN: Post-War Lies. Germany and Hitler's Long Shadow (Scribe, 2015)

NL: De laatste lichting. Hoe Hitlers jongste partijgenoten uitgroeiden tot de elite van het moderne Duitsland. (Balans 2014) 

Podcast Cover Art

Faking Hitler (stern)

Jack. Gier frisst Schönheiten (NDR)


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